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  • Welcome To Tenderheart

    The future of our country depends upon the quality of education our children receive today. The aim of our school is the holistic development of the child. We at Tender Heart, believe in educating children in mind, body and spirit and not just making them literates. We firmly believe ‘To educate a child in mind and not in morals, is to create a menace in the society.” We provide education in a congenial atmosphere to harness the physical, mental and spiritual well being of the students.

  • Goal & Missions

    We believe in the dignity and worth of each student and his/her role as a global citizen.We believe that each child should have access to equal opportunities consistent with their individual capabilities.We believe that change is a constant factor in life.So the education system be flexible ..

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    The dream of Mrs. Gargi Manju and Mr. Sudhir Tiwari, Principal and Director of T.H.S.S. respectively, changed into a reality and achievement through their sweat, determination and hard work.T.H.S.S.S. has now become a benchmark in quality pedagogy in the state of Jharkhand ..

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    Our Campus

    Tender Heart Senior Secondary School is situated at Tupudana, Ranchi-3. It is spread across an area of 60000 sq. ft. The 20-faced school building is in the shape of a two rupee coin and is spread across sprawling 3 acres of land, designed as per ‘Vaastu Shashtra’ guidelines…

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    T.H.S.S.S, established in 2002, was destined to bloom in full glory by 2014. Starting with a single storey house at Hinoo with primary classes, it grew from 5 students to an institution with 5500 young hearts and more than 100 teachers. The growth has been phenomenal..

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  • What They Said About Us

    This institute paus equal attention to Academics and Sports. That a very important for the holistic development of children.
    Sourabh Tiwari Cricketer
    If I could I would definitely take admission in this wonderful school and enjoy my school life once again.
    Gulzar: Eniment poet & Film maker

    Brilliant Performance


    SOF INTERNATIONAL GENERAL KNOWLEDGE OLYMPIAD (IGKO) Gifts Worth Rs. 1000/- + Medal of Distinction + Certificate of Distinction + Certificate of Zonal Excellence

    Ayush Bhushan

    SOF INTERNATIONAL GENERAL KNOWLEDGE OLYMPIAD (IGKO) Gifts Worth Rs. 1000/- + Medal of  The simulator vibro platform exercises  Distinction + Certificate of Distinction + Certificate of Zonal Excellence


    SOF INTERNATIONAL GENERAL KNOWLEDGE OLYMPIAD (IGKO) Rs. 1,667 + International Bronze Medal + Certificate of Outstanding Performance

    Neel Patra

    SOF INTERNATIONAL GENERAL KNOWLEDGE OLYMPIAD (IGKO) Rs. 5,000 + Zonal Gold Medal + Certificate of Zonal Excellence

    Sonu Kumar


    Sweta Kumari Soni


    Ankit Raj


    Surbhi Shrishti


    Jyoshana sen


    Subham Snehil

    XII - SCIENCE (2018-2019)


  • T.H.S.S.S, established in 2002, was destined to bloom in full glory by 2014. Starting with a single storey house at Hinoo with primary classes, it grew from 5 students to an institution with 5500 young hearts and more than 150 teachers. The growth has been phenomenal. The chronology of establishment has been thus.

    • 2002- The number of students started multiplying year by year. It shifted campus to Birsa chowk with Secondary classes. The young sapling had begun to nurture into a plant
    • 2004- With a growing need for expansion, a new campus was built at Tupudana. This was the Senior wing of the school with classes from five to ten. There was no looking back for the sprint that was set on a journey forward.
    • Literally a thousand times bigger, T.H.S.S.S grew into an enormous institution from the strength of 5 to 5500 catering to myriad minds and 100 teachers who give their best in nurturing youngsters into successful citizen of tomorrow.
  • Principal Desk


    Very few people in our country know the difference between literacy and education. A person who can read and write is a literate but a person who understands and makes others understand is an educated person.We belong to a country which had a Scientist President and has an Economist Prime Minister. Our Ex-President Prof Kalam has a vision that by 2020, our country will become a super power and Global Guru. I totally agree with his vision and in this present condition when the entire government does not understand the difference between literacy and education and the entire resources including government machinery is indulged in various kinds of literacy programmes, I think it is my utmost commitment and challenge to accept the responsibility of education because literacy provides the benefits to an individual only whereas education is for the family, society, state and the country. I do believe in our cultural and national heritage that is VASUDHAIV KUTUMBAKAM. Educating a child in such a way that he becomes a machine to only perform well in the job market of the present global market and earn a lot of money is not my goal.

  • Infrastructure

    Spread across 2.20 acres of land, the school has 60,000 sq ft built up area. The School is facilitated with various resources

    Rangayan Project Category
    Indoor Hall Project Category
    School Building Project Category
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