As per our aim towards building up of moral values, ethics and principles among the students, apart from imparting knowledge and moulding them to be a responsible and true future of India, an awareness programme on the ‘importance of voting in elections’ was conducted on a wide scale in the school, prior to the forthcoming elections due to be held on the 12th Dec’2019.

The students of classes V to X participated in the programme. First of all they were explained about the importance of voting in their classrooms by their Social Science teachers and were made to understand their role and onus towards creating a responsible government which could work for the betterment of the nation. They were made aware of their rights and duties as a citizen of India and were also motivated to spread this awareness among others in the society.

In the second stage of this programme, the students wrote informal letters to their mother/father/guardian stating them the importance of voting in the coming elections. They encouraged their parents to actively participate in the coming elections and even asked them to spread this awareness among their relatives and the different sections of the society.

This awareness programme initiated by the School, not only enlightened the students but our message

was also conveyed to the different sections of the society via the students and their parents. This step taken by the school, is its contribution towards building up a safe, secure and responsible future for ourselves by correctly and wisely choosing our government, the one which would priorities the needs and benefits of the nation and its citizens before any other personal needs.