Our Campus

The School Building :

Tender Heart Senior Secondary School is situated at Tupudana, Ranchi-3. It is spread across an area of 60000 sq. ft. The 20-faced school building is in the shape of a two rupee coin and is spread across sprawling 3 acres of land, designed as per ‘Vaastu Shashtra’ guidelines.

The round and compact school building has its entrance facing the East, while towards the North-East is a temple for morning assembly. If one side of the school building gives red carpet reception, the other takes you to the ‘gurukul’.

Highlighting features of THSSS

* 42 airy and spacious classrooms with well furnished desks and wireless network.

* Separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English, Social Science & Computer.

* Enriched library.

* Well equipped infirmatory.

* A large auditorium for various cultural and extra curricular activities.

* Separate administrative, examination and accounts wing.

* A large playground with basket ball court, volleyball court, kabaddi and kho kho ground, badminton court, a large ground for athletics, shotput, discus throw, javelin throw including long jump and high jump pit laid on synthetic track.

* Spacious and we’ll ventilated yoga room aiming at physical fitness and mental peace of the students.

* Separate washrooms for boys, girls and staff members.

* UV filters for drinking water.

* Genset and fire extinguishers.

* Layered gardens that enrich the beauty of the school campus with vibrant colours. It also symbolizes the ups and downs of life, motivating the children to come out with flying colours in all walks of life. The school name engraved with fresh green hedge inspires the students to be down to earth.

* The school reception designed on vedic pattern with a ceiling of bamboo mats and shlokas penned on ‘bhoj patra’ adhered to wooden logs gives a typical traditional look and aims at- “East or West, Education is One.”

*The school has a large Playground with approx area of  6415 sq.m . students play and indulge in various sports like Cricket, Basket ball, Volley ball  and Tennis

*Transport Facility

The school has a number of buses that go to every corner of the city to pick and drop children.

No. of buses owned by the school – 15

No. of hired buses –  15