Our Motto

The line विद्याधनं  सर्व धनं प्रधानम्  is the very essence of Tender Heart School. We firmly and truly believe that ‘Knowledge is the most coveted of all the forms of wealth in the world’.

At Tender Heart, we  endeavour to enrich our students with this wealth.

We do not wish to make them literates rather we aim to create a socially responsible and alert individual who is an asset to the nation.For this, the school aspires to instill core values of Integrity, Honesty, Respect, Willingness to lead and serve, Commitment to excellence and Patriotism.

The aim of the school is to provide a congenial atmosphere where the students are motivated to have a spirit of enquiry and inquisitiveness.

The pursuit of excellence encouraged at THSSS rests on the positive belief that every child has the ability to deliver a world class quality.