We are miracles and we’re not alone

Here at Tender heart, we encourage the overall development of our students who have ocean full of talents. Our school has come up with different societies to help the students discover their capabilities. We believe that this opportunity can really boost up their confidence.

There are a limited number of students who become a part of these societies after getting through rounds of auditions that are held at regular intervals and the composition is refreshed. These are student- conducted societies monitored by our mentors of the concerned fields.

The society has two sections – Vocal and instrumental. Vocal section students are taught about the nitigrities of music and right techniques to sing and improve their skills. Different instruments like guitar, piano, harmonium, drum, octapad, etc. are taught.

Students in the dance society are trained in varied forms of dance like classical, hip-hop, freestyle, bollywood, semi-classical, etc. besides the dance techniques and flexibility, they are also taught to present themselves confidently and gracefully.

This society helps the students to show the power of their pens. They are involved in editorial works of the school magazine. The students get the opportunity to display their creations and also, enhance their writing skills. They write poems, articles, stories, etc.

The debate society consists of students with extraordinary speaking skills. The society encourages them in public speaking and helps them to become splendid orators. Recitations of poetry, speeches, debates are conducted to achieve this goal.

The fine arts society aims at encouraging our budding artists to learn and evolve their skills. These students are exceptionally good at pencil and brush. In addition to, they also have dexterity with crafts.

The students of this society have the art to capture memories. They are taught the essentials of photography like ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Various forms of photography like Candid, Fashion, Landscape and Documentary, are encouraged. They are trained to take the perfect shots out of simple moments.

This society carries forward the idea that sports are parallel to academics. Students with amazing physical capabilities are the part of this society and are trained in a variety of indoor as well as outdoor games like chess, carrom, volleyball, basketball, kabaddi, etc.